Illuminated neon signs

Each advertisement aims at increasing your sales and, consequently, your income.

Illuminated advertising is the most effective promotional tool. Especially effective are neon advertisements as they are easily discerned against the darkness of the night.

Neon eifel

Neon signs ensure a distinctive and vivid landscape full of excitement and eye-catching distinctiveness acquired by their high brightness, colour and shape.

In a relatively dark surrounding, a neon advertisement can easily catch one’s attention which is a very important prerequisite for the success of any advertisement.

Riviera Neon

The biggest advantage of neon signs is its lasting effect which makes the preferred type of outdoor advertising throughout the world as it is affordable but highly powerful at the same time.

At Neon Vision Ltd, we create unique neon advertisements produced in accordance with all technical and quality requirements of the European Union.

We can offer a wide range of colours, electrical transformers and all other components needed for the creation of a neon advertisement.