Wholesale Neon Letters & Signs Manufacturing for the Trade.

We are NEON VISION LTD. – a Bulgarian company specialized in neon production.

We design and produce any type of neon lights from our own facilities located in Bulgaria. We use the latest systems for evacuating, bombarding and gas charging, courtesy of leading American company EGL, as well as electrodes and glass tubes of the highest quality, courtesy of Glostertube, Tecnolux, and EGL. With a first-class equipment like that, we can guarantee an extremely long life for our neon tubes. In our production base we can execute any project with high precision of shape. In addition, our effective workflow management allows us to complete any task in an extremely short period of time.

Our company produces and delivers custom-made neon signs to any place in Europe. The diameter of the neon tubes can range from 8 mm to 18 mm and can be produced in any colour. We also produce controllers for neon light animation ranging from 1 to 10 channels, featuring up to 255 flashing combinations.

Neon lights can be used in the following ways:

  • For illumination of channel letters
  • To illuminate open face metal letters made for large rooftop signs
  • Illumination, hidden illumination and to outline the edges of a buildings
  • Art projects
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We organize teaching course for neon production:

  • Practical subjects teaching of technology methods
  • Technological procedure of glass cleaning
  • Tech. procedure of glasbender´s processing of the neon tubes
  • Technological procedure of dry way coating
  • Tech. procedure of neon tubes processingon the pump unit
  • Technological procedure of heating-up and circuit making
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The newly-created neon tubes ( letters and elements) are neatly arranged in custom-made shipping packages created by our company, guaranteeing that they will be delivered harmless to anywhere in Europe.